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Top 6 Benefits of Laundry Strips

You have probably thought about how much energy is used when doing your laundry, but have you considered the environmental impact as well?

Normal laundry liquid comes in plastic packaging that cannot be recycled and goes straight to the landfill. Over 700 million plastic jugs are used and thrown away every year in the US alone!

Laundry strips, like the Tru Earth Eco-Strips, are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. These laundry strips dissolve completely in water and are biodegradable with recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

Thinking of making the switch? Here are the 6 top benefits of laundry strips that will convince you to give them a try:

1. They Are More Eco-friendly Than Traditional Alternatives

Many laundry detergents you will find in the store are filled with chemicals, some of which can be harmful to the environment. Laundry sheets are comprised of plant-derived or biodegradable ingredients. This means that they are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Plus, with recyclable and biodegradable packaging, there is no harmful waste produced, unlike the majority of supermarket detergents which contribute an estimated 700 million plastic jugs and containers to landfills each year.

2. They Are Just as Effective

You may be skeptical about laundry strips since they don’t look like most washing detergents you see. Fortunately, looks can be deceiving!

In fact, they will do the same job (if not better)! The relatively little amount of suds produced by the strips also means that they are effective for use in standard washing machines and high-efficiency washing machines alike, even on a cold wash. They are far less likely to clog up than powder or liquid detergents.

3. They Are Space Saving and Clean

A laundry room can soon become cluttered and untidy with all the various bottles and boxes of detergent, softener, and stain removers. Laundry strips are packaged in cardboard in the most efficient way possible so that they can save space on your shelf or in the cupboard. Better still, with no liquid, there is no mess to deal with.

Lightweight and portable, you can easily take laundry strips wherever you may need them!

4. They Don’t Leave Any Soapy Residue

Since laundry strips dissolve completely in water, there won’t be any soapy residue left in your machine or on your freshly washed laundry. This also extends to your laundry room, since you can’t spill messy powder all over the place and a bottle can’t leak!

5. They Can Adapt to the Size of the Load

It is impossible to change the size of a laundry pod depending on the size of your load and measuring the correct amount of powder or liquid can be annoying and messy.

Laundry strips can be torn into smaller pieces depending on the size of your load. Simply put your laundry into the machine, throw in whatever size laundry sheet you need, and you’re good to go!

6. They are Kind to the Skin

Tru Earth Eco-Strips are dye-free, phosphate-free, chlorine-free, and hypoallergenic, making them kind to the skin and even suitable for those with very sensitive skin.

Better still, these laundry strips are vegan, meaning that there are no animal-derived ingredients or testing on animals at any time in the manufacturing process.

Laundry strips are the perfect replacement for regular laundry or pod detergents as they will make the whole laundry process more efficient and eco-friendly. With the Tru Earth Eco-Strips you can find in our store, you won’t have to compromise on cleaning power to do your part for the environment – give them a try!

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