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Did you know that “heart” and “Earth” share the same letters? 💙 🌍 We have 22 days left of April,
If a group of fish is swim together, they are schooling.
Trying not to buy items packaged in plastic while grocery shopping can be a frustrating experience. We’ve all been there
Check out these glow in the dark deep-sea species, the phenomenon of bioluminescence!
Check out these beautiful images from various locations of the ocean appearing to glow translucently. Have you ever seen something
The bony sunfish is the heaviest bone fish in the world - weighing on average 2,000+ pounds! Check out these
A relative of the seahorse, the weedy seadragon is an iconic Australian species. With their vibrant patterns and unique, dragon-shaped
In 2017, a message in a bottle was thrown overboard by then 17-year-old Niki Nie, as she crossed the equator
In ensuring that his 3D LEGO replica not only paid homage to the original but also captured the dynamics of
Sea angels are named after their resemblance to snow angels - they have translucent white bodies, with a wing-like structure