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My Octopus Teacher
In the recent Netflix documentary “My Octopus Teacher”, a filmmaker forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a Read more.
The Trouble with Packaging
We just learned packaging makes up about 33% or 1/3 of the average landfill… which is pretty crazy! We also Read more.
Thanks to YOU and the rest of the amazing Free the Ocean community, to date, we have funded the removal Read more.
7 Incredible Sea Creatures to Get to Know this Halloween
Halloween is the time of year to celebrate all of the interesting, weird and creepy beings from around the world. Read more.
Fun facts about jellyfish (who aren’t even fish at all)!
Fun facts about jellyfish - did you know they aren’t even fish at all? Jellyfish evolution predates true fish by Read more.
Giveaway Winners
We were amazed to receive over 10,000 entries from our community, telling us how you’re trying to reduce your plastic Read more.
Scientists Discover Massive ‘Silly String’ Creature in Deep Sea
A bit earlier this year, scientists at the Schmidt Ocean Institute captured footage of a massive siphonophore in the Indian Read more.
In Good News: Sea Otters in California Surprise Scientists
The huge appetites of North America’s smallest marine mammals, the sea otters, are benefiting the ecosystem. Not only from the Read more.
Driftwood Sea Creatures
Artist Pete Rush’s first driftwood sculpture of a simple horse had such a positive response from locals, that he was Read more.
5 Strange Sea Creatures
Sprinkled across the ocean floor, invisible from the surface, are hundreds, or maybe thousands of sinkholes called “blue holes”. They Read more.