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On a mission to free the ocean


Because of our advertisers, we’re able to give you a free way to have an impact - and that’s pretty rare these days!


We know you’re busy. Answering the daily trivia question and having an impact takes less than 30 seconds!


We hope you not only learn something new from answering our trivia questions but also have fun doing it.

Mimi Ausland holding bucket

Hi Everyone!

I’m Mimi, I’m 23, and living in Santa Monica, CA.
I created Free the Ocean to give people from anywhere in the world the opportunity to have a daily and tangible impact on the issue of plastic pollution. I’m lucky enough to live near the ocean and to witness its beauty and power every day. It’s helped me find clarity and calm at various points in my life, as I know it has for countless others. But now the ocean needs our help.

A staggering amount of plastic enters the ocean every year – it’s a problem of epic proportion. Although the issue can seem overwhelming, Free the Ocean lets everyone have an opportunity to have a positive impact. By answering our daily trivia question, you’ll learn something new and have fun while doing it- but you’ll also fund the removal of a piece of plastic from the ocean and coastlines (check out How it Works here).

All of our small actions, when put together, will create big impact. My hope is for Free the Ocean to be a bright spot in your day and leave you with the feeling that you’ve made a difference, because you have.

Let's take action together

We’re creating a community of people
who believe we can make a difference by
working together to turn the tide on
plastic pollution – please join us


Be a part of the solution not part of the pollution.

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Remember to Free the Ocean of plastic every day.

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