How it Works

Thanks to our advertisers, Free the Ocean is a way for anyone, anywhere, to make a difference on plastic pollution – for free. The more we grow our global community, the more impact we’re able to have. 

Impact as of December, 2020:

Because of you and the Free the Ocean community, FTO has funded the removal of over 13 million pieces of plastic from the ocean and coastlines. (You can see the exact # on the counter at the top of the page).

This is a great start but there’s a lot of plastic in the ocean…with your help we can do so much more. Thank you!

Check out a video from a clean-up here

How is this possible?

Every day you answer the daily trivia question, we fund the removal of a piece of plastic from the ocean and coastlines, through ad revenue generated on Free the Ocean. We directly fund our cause partner, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

Who’s actually removing the plastic?

Our cause partner is Sustainable Coastlines, Hawaii, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, hard at work protecting treasured coastlines by removing plastic debris and educating the next generation on how to create a world without waste. They’re the ones actually removing the plastic from the ocean.

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What happens to the plastic?

The plastic collected is brought to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s storage facility and sorted. Some of it is recycled and some is repurposed by supplying local artists and creating educational kits with plastic samples for schools around the world. They also work with Parley for the Oceans to ship the plastic to an upcycling facility and create new products. FTO and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii believe waste is a resource, and we fully support SCH’s work to create a plastic upcycling program for all the debris that washes up on the coastlines!

FTO Products Fund Additional Donations

Free the Ocean’s mission is to not only help remove plastic from the ocean, but to keep it out. That’s why we’ve curated a line of products to help you “ditch the plastic” and create a less wasteful lifestyle. We’re excited to share these alternative to plastic products with you, they’re not only really useful but also better quality!

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Mimi Ausland, FTO’s founder, and Rafael Bergstrom, Executive Director, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

“Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is working in partnership with Free The Ocean to remove plastic and to inspire and empower global communities to care for our oceans through education and action”
– Rachael Roehl, Operations & Waste Diversion Manager



Advertisements on FTO and products purchased fund the removal of plastic from the ocean