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All About Earth Month: Celebrate & Get Involved

April means that spring has finally arrived, but that’s not the only reason to celebrate: it’s also Earth Month! Earth Day falls on 22 April, however, the entire month is the perfect time to reflect on the impact we have on the environment and what the natural world provides us with.

Why is Earth Month so important?

Earth Month is a full 30 days devoted to educating people on the environment and our natural world, the impact we have on a local and global scale, and how we can help to protect our planet for the future.

Events held during Earth Month help to show others, possibly most importantly the leaders who can instigate change, how important environmental issues are to a large group of people and spread better awareness.

How can I celebrate Earth Month and get involved?

If you want to show your support for a healthy environment, there are so many ways in which you can celebrate Earth Month and get involved. You can check out the Earth Day website to find organized events happening near you, but here are a few ideas of things you can organize yourself or do on your own:

Community clean-up

Garbage thrown from vehicles or that has been blown around in the wind is both unsightly and bad for habitats and wildlife. A community clean-up either on your own or with a group of willing volunteers is the perfect way to get out, get some exercise, and help the environment.

Donate to environmental causes

If you are unable to take time out of your busy schedule, a great way to get involved with Earth Month is to donate to an environmental cause - Environmental Defense Fund and the National Forest Foundation are good ones to consider. Or, perhaps you already have a favorite cause that supports a healthy planet… even just a few dollars can make a real difference!

Tree Planting

If you aren’t afraid to get dirty, why not try your hand at some tree planting. There are probably plenty of spaces in your community that could do with sprucing up with trees or native wildflowers, and you will benefit the environment too! Just make sure you have permission from the relevant authority if you wish to plant on public land.

Enjoy the outdoors

Don’t feel pressured to take part in an event if it isn’t really for you. You can celebrate Earth Month simply by getting out there and enjoying the outdoors. Whether it be hiking, gardening, reading, or just taking the time to sit with your thoughts, being surrounded by nature allows you to connect with it, and it is great for your mental health too.

Concentrate on more sustainable habits

Something that should be practiced throughout the year is building more sustainable habits, but Earth Month is a great time to start doing so! Anything that can be continued in the long term that will help you to reduce your impact on the environment is ideal.
This could be purchasing more sustainable or second-hand clothing and goods, producing less waste, or swapping our plastic items with sustainable ones. These small changes might not seem enough to make a significant change, but if we all make changes like these, our world will change for the better - and every little helps.

Whether you make it to an Earth Month event or not, we can all celebrate by being more aware of our impact on the environment and what nature gives to us. Celebrate all the little things you do this month to protect the Earth (yes, recycling counts!) and try to make better decisions whenever you can. Of course, don’t forget to get outside and enjoy all the beauty this planet has to offer.