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Top 4 Benefits of Plastic-Free Dishwasher Tabs

Filling up the dishwasher each day or two is likely something you don’t think twice about, but have you ever thought about the dishwasher tabs you use?

Many dishwasher tablets come in plastic packaging or contain powder and liquid in plastic capsules. We often don’t consider these plastic capsules really as plastic, because they dissolve but are they really okay for the environment?

Are dissolving dishwasher tablets eco-friendly?

It’s important to understand what dissolving dishwasher tabs are: most of them use petroleum-derived dissolvable plastic, such as PVA/PVOH/PVAL.

The problem with these dissolvable dishwasher tablets is that we don’t know whether it biodegrades or how quickly. Yes, it dissolves, but that only means that we can’t see it, not that it ceases to exist.

To be certain you’re living an eco-friendly lifestyle, opt for plastic-free dishwasher tablets.

1. You can be sure you’re not contributing to plastic pollution

Plastic-free dishwasher tablets allow you to be certain you’re not contributing to plastic pollution and the ever-increasing quantity of microplastics that are being found in the environment, wildlife, and even our blood.

Studies have found plastic ingestion in ocean life ranging from 50% to 100% depending on the region… plastic fibers have been discovered in far too many fish and crustaceans.

2. Reduces your ingestion of microplastics

As we mentioned in the point above, microplastics aren’t just being found in ocean life, it’s also been discovered in human blood. One notable study detected plastic fibers in seafood, sea salt, and North American beer. The dissolving plastic likely leaves residue on glasses and plates, which you then ingest when you use them.

3. Reduces your carbon footprint

Plastic-free dishwasher tablets, just like all plastic-free products, do not contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases. Because they don’t contain anything that will end up being burned in a landfill, there are no materials in them that can go to waste. While being biodegradable themselves, our plastic-free dishwasher tabs also come in recyclable paper pouches, so the materials can be either reused or fed back to the Earth.

4. They’re just as good as plastic dishwasher tablets

You may wonder if giving up plastic dishwasher tablets will lead to dirtier dishes, but you can rest assured your kitchenware will come out of the dishwasher just as clean as yours do now. Not convinced? Check out our dishwasher tablets’ great reviews.

With all this talk of the damaging effects of plastic on our planet, it can be easy to become disheartened. But there’s so much we can do to live more sustainably. If you’re ready to make the switch to a more plastic-free life, why not give our eco-friendly plastic-free dishwasher tablets a try? Get them here.