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Total Pieces of Plastic Removed

Pieces Removed the week ending 6.13.2021:


What is a piece of plastic?

A piece of plastic can be anything from microplastic to a large fishing net. Because any type of plastic is damaging to the health of people, animals, and the environment, all plastic removed from the coastlines, oceans, and rivers, makes a difference.

Our partners:

In 2021, we have supported Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and The Ocean Cleanup, who are working hard to remove plastic from the ocean, coastlines, and rivers – as well as creating solutions to help keep it out!

The Ocean Cleanup:

Bird surrounded by ocean plastic on the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands,
PC: Matthew Chauvin

Plastic caught inside System 001/B
PC: TheOcean Cleanup

Motagua River, Guatemala,
PC: The Ocean Cleanup

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii:

A large mass of fishing nets in Oahu, HI,
PC: Anna Kreative

Kahuku Beach, HI, PC: Rafael Bergstom

A long ago littered can, in Oahu, HI,
PC: Anna Kreative

Thank you for helping us make an impact on plastic pollution!

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