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Total Pieces of Plastic Removed

Pieces Removed for the week ending 9.19.2021:


What is a piece of plastic?

A piece of plastic is anything from microplastic, to a plastic water bottle, to a styrofoam takeout container, or a large discarded fishing net. Because any type of plastic is damaging to the health of people, animals, and the environment, all plastic removed from the oceans, coastlines, and rivers, makes a difference.

Groups Supported by FTO:

We proudly support Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and the Parley Global Cleanup Network. Both groups are working hard to remove plastic and abandoned fishing gear from the ocean and coastlines. They’re creating solutions to repurpose the plastic they remove, educating people on a world without waste, and working with manufacturers to help keep plastic out in the first place.

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii:

Moloka’i beach
PC: Rafael Bergstrom

Ghost nets on a Hawaii coastline

A group of team members and volunteers

Parley Global Cleanup Network:

Parley Global Cleanup Network

Parley Global Cleanup Network

Parley Global Cleanup Network

Thank you for helping us make an impact on plastic pollution!

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