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Question for December 04,2021

Sharks come in all sizes. The largest is the whale shark and the smallest is the______ shark, small enough to fit in your hand.
  • Petite pepper
  • Dwarf lanterncorrect answer
  • Mini mako
  • Skinny striped

The smallest shark, the dwarf lantern shark, could fit in your hand. They’re rarely seen and little is known about them, having only been observed a few times off the coast of South America.

Question for December 03,2021

The Andes, located in South America, is the longest mountain range above water. However, the longest mountain range in the world is underwater and is _____ times longer!
  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8correct answer

The Andes, the longest mountain range above water, is 4,350 miles long. However, the Mid-Ocean Ridge, with 90% of the mountain range lying in the deep ocean, stretches for 37,000 miles - over 8 times as long!

Question for December 02,2021

Watch and answer below: Today's trivia is read by Dune Ives - CEO of Lonely Whale
  • 3
  • 5
  • 123correct answer
  • 4,000

Watch below for the answer to today's trivia...

Question for December 01,2021

To begin the new month, we’re celebrating Mother Nature! Which of the following does nature provide us?
  • Food and fresh water
  • Beauty
  • Peace and calm
  • All of these thingscorrect answer

The natural world is an incredible wonder that inspires us all. Our forests, rivers, oceans, and mountains sustain us and give us peace, calm, and beauty. What’s one gift from nature you’re grateful for?

Question for November 30,2021

It’s Giving Tuesday! Today, you can help remove more ______ from the ocean and coastlines.
  • Plastic bottles
  • Microplastic
  • Fishing nets
  • All of this and more!correct answer

Today is Giving Tuesday and you can help remove MORE plastic (including plastic bottles, fishing nets, microplastics…) from the ocean and coastlines. Thank you for helping us clean our ocean!

Question for November 29,2021

It’s Sustainable Cyber Monday at Free the Ocean! Today, ______ FTO products are 25% off!
  • Some
  • ALLcorrect answer
  • Half of
  • A few

It’s FTO’s Sustainable Cyber Monday! Today, ALL of our plastic-free products are 25% off! They make great gifts and every purchase funds the removal of plastic (Use Code: CYBER25).

Question for November 28,2021

True or False: Octopuses can change color based on their activity or surroundings.
  • Truecorrect answer
  • False

Octopuses are part of an exclusive group of creatures in the animal kingdom who can change color based on their activity or surroundings. Check out these 10 incredible octopus photos, they’re sure to brighten your day…

Question for November 27,2021

A recent viral video shows a curious whale shark and a _____ saying hello!
  • Pelican
  • Sea turtle
  • Labrador retrievercorrect answer
  • Clownfish

A Labrador retriever shared a surprising moment with a whale shark (gentle giants who can grow up to 39 feet in length) when the massive fish swam up to the retriever’s boat. They touched noses as if they were saying hello and getting to know each other…

Question for November 26,2021

It’s Sustainable "Blue" Friday at Free the Ocean! Today, ALL FTO products…
  • Are eco-friendly
  • Make great gifts
  • Are 25% off
  • All of thesecorrect answer

It’s FTO’s Sustainable "Blue" Friday! ALL products are eco-friendly, make great gifts, and are 25% off today. Plus, every purchase funds the removal of plastic (Use Code: BLUE25).

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