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Question for December 01,2023

A patch of ocean around the Caribbean island nation of Dominica, is the only place known on Earth where _____ can be seen regularly throughout the year.
  • Sperm whalescorrect answer
  • Bottlenose dolphins
  • Polar bears
  • Trumpet fish

Sperm whales are a common sight year-round in the waters surrounding Dominica, and it's in this location that the world's first sperm whale reserve has been established… prohibiting commercial shipping and fishing, helping protect these majestic creatures. Happy Good News Friday, FTO!

Question for November 30,2023

True or False: Clownfish can change sex from male to female.
  • Truecorrect answer
  • False

The animal kingdom is overflowing with species with extraordinary abilities - like how clownfish can change sex from male to female to ensure that a group of fish can continue to reproduce. Very cool!

Question for November 29,2023

On Réunion Island, there’s a group of people known as _____: They’re like lifeguards, for both people and sharks.
  • Shark Spotterscorrect answer
  • Guardians of the Lagoon
  • Watermen
  • Blue Horizon Defenders

Shark Spotters on Réunion Island, off Madagascar's coast, serve as lifeguards for both people and sharks. Renowned for its waves, the island is also swimming with sharks. Discover how Shark Spotters maintain harmony in this unique environment…

Question for November 28,2023

There are over 600 species of rays in the ocean. What unique feature sets manta rays apart from others?
  • Electric organs
  • Long tentacles
  • Spiracles for breathing
  • Massive wing-like pectoral finscorrect answer

The iconic manta ray is known for their distinct wing-like pectoral fins, which can span up to 23 feet (7 meters) in width. Unlike other rays, mantas have large, triangular-shaped fins that resemble wings - contributing to the majestic appearance of these gentle giants of the ocean!

Question for November 27,2023

It’s Sustainable Cyber Monday at Free the Ocean! Today, _____ FTO products are 25% off!
  • Some
  • Half of
  • ALLcorrect answer
  • A few

It’s FTO’s Sustainable Cyber Monday! Today, ALL of our plastic-free products are 25% off! They make great gifts and every purchase funds the removal of plastic. Use Code: CYBER25 at checkout…

Question for November 26,2023

A favorite food source for turtles and manatees, this plant also acts as a nursery for baby marine animals:
  • Corals
  • Seagrass meadowscorrect answer
  • Conch shells
  • Red algae

Seagrass meadows, or large beds of seagrass, provide lots of nooks for small fish to hide from predators and protect their babies. Seagrass meadows also help filter the water of pollutants and sediments, which increases water clarity and quality.

Question for November 25,2023

Which one of the following species gets its name from its nearly transparent body?
  • Hagfish
  • Zebra shark
  • Glass octopuscorrect answer
  • Sea dragon

The glass octopus reminds us that the ocean is full of unusual and exotic animals! The species gets its name from its nearly transparent body - you can see straight through to the optic nerve and digestive tract. They’re a rare sight, but we have close-up footage of a glass octopus in the wild…

Question for November 24,2023

It’s Sustainable “Blue” Friday at Free the Ocean. Today, ALL FTO products…
  • Are eco-friendly
  • Make wonderful gifts
  • Are 25% off
  • All of thesecorrect answer

It’s FTO’s Sustainable "Blue" Friday! ALL products are eco-friendly, make wonderful gifts, and are 25% off today. Plus, every purchase funds the removal of plastic. Use code BLUE25 at checkout…

Question for November 23,2023

Who said, "The sea, the great unifier, is man's only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.”?
  • Jacques Yves Cousteaucorrect answer
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Cleo Wade

Jacque Yves Cousteau was a French scientist and legendary explorer who studied the sea… and he’s right, we're all in the same boat. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today!

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