Past Trivia

Question for October 23,2020

All of these discoveries happened in a 20 year period between 1958 and 1977 - which one of them was discovered in the year 1967? The...
  • Rings of Uranus
  • Songs of humpback whalescorrect answer
  • First microchip
  • Rubik's cube

The 1967 discovery of humpback whale songs changed our perception of whales from mysterious monsters to smart, gentle and soulful. Now, there are many amazing examples of whale songs from around the world. Some of them are quite haunting...

Question for October 22,2020

A seagrape is a type of _____: (hint, this may not be your first thought)
  • Clam
  • Seastar
  • Tropical treecorrect answer
  • Purple blowfish

Native to coastal beaches throughout tropical America and the Caribbean, the seagrape is a type of tropical tree that produces clusters of fruit that resemble grapes.

Question for October 21,2020

True or False: On some beaches, the sand is made entirely of tiny pieces of seashell.
  • Truecorrect answer
  • False

The minerals that make up sand vary widely from beach to beach. On some beaches, such as Guancaste in Costa Rica, the sand is made entirely of tiny pieces of seashell!

Question for October 20,2020

The Paper Nautilus is a true oddity. Also known as an argonaut, this weird and wonderful creature is actually a….
  • Fish
  • Seal
  • Octopuscorrect answer
  • Porpoise

Nautiluses are mollusks (shelled species). Despite its name however, the Paper Nautilus is actually an octopus. They're found in the open ocean, are brilliantly colored and have the most unusual “shell”.

Question for October 19,2020

Most of us are familiar with squishy sediment in lakes and rivers… there's also sediment on the sea floor and can be as thick as _____ feet.
  • 35
  • 450
  • 3,300correct answer
  • 20,000

Sediment on the ocean floor can be as deep as 3,300 feet - made up of clay, sand, silt and even stardust from 200 million years ago!

Question for October 18,2020

Big News! The ______ Giveaway is on! We’re giving away a collection of five sustainable, ocean-themed, gifts. 
  • Sand and Surf
  • I Love the Oceancorrect answer
  • Octoberfest
  • End of Summer

The "I Love the Ocean” Giveaway is on! We’re giving away a collection of 5 sustainable, ocean-themed gifts, for you (and your pet) - to 3 lucky winners! 

Question for October 17,2020

How long can sea turtles sleep underwater without taking a breath?
  • 5 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • An hour and a half
  • More than four hourscorrect answer

Incredibly, sea turtles sleep underwater for more than four hours without taking a breath. They can also stay underwater for about thirty minutes while feeding. (Michael Phelps has some competition)!

Question for October 15,2020

The majority of all kitchen sponges are made with plastic (often treated with chemicals). In the US alone, over _____ are thrown away every year. 
  • 350,000 
  • 28 million 
  • 199 million 
  • 400 millioncorrect answer

Almost all kitchen sponges are made with plastic and take centuries to break down. Over 400 million are thrown away every year in the US alone! We have a GREAT plastic-free, planet-friendly, alternative - and it absorbs 10 times its weight! 

Question for October 14,2020

Which one of the following ocean explorers is responsible for this quote, “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”?
  • James Cameron
  • Jacques Cousteaucorrect answer
  • Jacques Piccard
  • Jimmy Buffet

Perhaps the greatest undersea explorer in history, Jacques Cousteau said, “The sea, once it casts it spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”. Jacques spent his life studying the ocean and clearly was captivated by it!