FTO News

Congratulations to the 10 winners of the Free the Ocean Anniversary Giveaway!

Each winner is receiving a FTO stainless steel water bottle

We were inspired to hear how so many of you are making changes to reduce your plastic consumption!

FTO Giveaway Winners and How They’re Reducing Their Use of Plastic:

  1. Mandi, Salt Lake City, UT: I’ve started using portable and reusable utensils for takeout and picnics.
  2. Greg, Concord, CA: I have long used a stainless steel water bottle to help reduce plastic waste, and I have needed a new bottle for some time… how great it would be to raise Free the Ocean’s profile with a new one in-hand!
  3. Mai Lynn, Boynton Beach, FL: I switched from using plastic toothbrushes to using bamboo toothbrushes.
  4. Nina, Oxford, United Kingdom: I am not buying any new plastic plant pots, but I’m reusing over and over the old pots that I already have (and I use a lot of pots in my gardening activities).
  5. Kathryn, Scunthorpe, United Kingdom: I stopped using shower gel and hand wash because they come in plastic containers – I’m back to using soap!
  6. Cassie:, Edmond, OK: My boyfriend and I try to never use plastic utensils – we’ll wait to eat take-out at home using actual silverware.
  7. Jennifer, Westfield, MA: Being mindful of the products I buy, less plastic, cleaner oceans.
  8. Patty, Lincolnia, VA: NO plastic bottles allowed in my family, this goes for everyone! Water is more delicious and safeer never being touched by plastic which is causing such harm to our Earth!
  9. Shaina, Green Bay, WI: I bought reusable Ziplock bags for my lunches!
  10. Suzy, Durham, OR: I try to avoid plastic altogether, it’s difficult but a good challenge. Start with eliminating one thing, go on to the next.