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Free the Ocean Blog

Stories and images celebrating the ocean

Explore the Pacific's hidden marvel: a vast underwater mountain twice as tall as Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building!
Uncover the secrets of the glass octopus, a nearly invisible marvel of the deep sea, through a groundbreaking ocean expedition.
Discover surf therapy's healing power as it rides the wave of mental wellness, offering joy and resilience on the comfort
Over 40 countries unite with a $12B pledge to rejuvenate coral reefs, heralding a vibrant future for our oceans.
Learn how brave individuals balance the thrill of surfing with the presence of sharks, ensuring safety and harmony between humans
Redonda's glow-up from barren to lush is a green dream come true, championed by its own people and loved by
Learn about the pivotal role of sea otters in marine ecosystems and their impact on revitalization efforts from California to
Discover how humpback whales' songs not only showcase their culture but also sparked a movement to protect them and the
Your oral hygiene matters to more than just the dentist! Embrace sustainability with compostable dental floss and picks.
Discover the solar-powered breakthrough transforming seawater into drinkable water. An eco-friendly solution for coastal communities!