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Free the Ocean Blog

Stories and images celebrating the ocean

Dive deep with us as we explore the amazing blob sculpin, a unique deep-sea fish with a squishy body, thriving
Discover the fascinating world of the Blue-Ringed Octopus, a small but potent marvel of the ocean with a striking appearance.
Unveiling the Maravillas shipwreck's mysteries with a trail of hidden treasures that redefine Bahamas' maritime history.
Explore the role of sand dunes in coastal ecosystems, their formation, wildlife habitat, and storm protection in this enlightening blog.
Dive into the mesmerizing world of jellyfish! Uncover their brainless wonders, stunning adaptations, and ancient secrets of their resilience.
Unravel the mysteries behind seashells, tracing their journey from the ocean depths to sandy beaches and revealing their ecological and
Explore Lizzi Larbalestier's impactful work and inspiring journey at her seal hospital in Cornwall, dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating marine
Dive into the quirky realm of catsharks: glowing eyes, funky names, and a cat's charm deep under the sea –
Dive into the intriguing life of the deep-sea hatchetfish, known for its unique shape and remarkable counterillumination survival tactic.
Explore the miraculous rediscovery of ancient glass sponge reefs, once thought extinct, and their fascinating underwater world.