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Meet the blobfish’s interesting cousin, the blob sculpin!

Deep down in the ocean, where it’s incredibly dark and cold, lives a special fish called the blob sculpin. Their scientific name is Psychrolutes phrictus, but we’ll stick with blob sculpin! This fish loves the deep waters of the North Pacific Ocean and can be found way down at 2,800 meters. It’s part of a big fish family that includes blobfishes and toadfishes, which are all pretty unique.

Blob Sculpin's Home and Food

The blob sculpin lives in the cold waters from the Bering Sea all the way to San Diego, California. They eat different small sea animals like jelly-like creatures, tiny crabs, and shellfish that live on the ocean floor. Since food is not easy to find so deep in the ocean, the blob sculpin can’t afford to be picky about what they eat!

Blob Sculpin and Blobfish: Deep-Sea Cousins

Guess what? The blob sculpin is related to the blobfish, another deep-sea fish that’s become something of an internet sensation. Both of them belong to the same family and have soft, squishy bodies that help them live under the high pressure deep in the ocean. Instead of having a swim bladder, which most fish use to float, they have these jelly-like bodies that help them float around.

Let's Protect Our Ocean Friends

The blob sculpin isn’t just any fish; it’s a special part of the ocean that helps us see how amazing nature is. It reminds us to be curious and to look after our oceans. After all, there are so many more incredible creatures waiting to be found in the deep, secret parts of the ocean!

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