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Free the Ocean Blog

Stories and images celebrating the ocean

How much do you really know about the Ring of Fire? No, not the song. We're talking about about 350
Dogs aren't the only animal who help out people. Check out these famous ship cats who were considered part of
Imagine being blown off course while navigating treacherous seas and ending up shipwrecked on a coast with nothing but diamond-laden
For the first time ever, scientists in Mozambique have tagged wild smalleye stingrays, the world's largest and rarest marine stingray!
Narwhals are one of the most fascinating creatures in the ocean. Here are 5 fun facts about these amazing animals
The connection between the ocean and the moon is simply magical! Keep reading to hear how the mystical and the
The ocean is full of mysteries and wonders, and ocean waves are no exception! Check out these six fun wave
These gentle giants are known for their incredible migrations, friendly behavior towards humans, and unique feeding habits. Check them out!
Artist Benjamin Von Wong knows that each little straw adds up. That is why he decided to shine a light
For those of us who can’t hop on over to the land down under, here’s your chance to explore The