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Mangroves are unique and magnificent trees that play a crucial role in our environment. But how much do you really
In 2022, 146 new species from around the globe were added to the biodiversity database! Learn more about these incredible
Spain is leading the way in cigarette butt pollution clean-up with a new initiative that charges cigarette manufacturers for picking
On Christmas morning, 9-year-old Molly was with her family in Calvert Beach, Maryland when she discovered something she had only
Turkey will soon be home to the world’s largest tidal power station! Learn more about wave energy and the amazing
Scientists are seeing roads and highways as a great place to reutilize plastic waste in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly
You don’t have to tell us twice that living near and appreciating bodies of water has its benefits, but now
Making a positive impact on the planet is much easier than you think. By making a few eco-friendly swaps, you
A dolphin symbolizes compassion, hope, help, allegiance, and the good side of the sea. Check out these amazing photos!
Scruff is a dog who is making waves with his recycling efforts. He has collected thousands of plastic bottles on