Free the Ocean Hits 1,000 Days!

It’s hard to believe 1,000 days have passed since Free the Ocean launched on August 16th, 2019. And it’s equally hard to believe that there are those in the FTO community who’ve played every day in a row since then! That’s 1,000 different trivia questions and a 1,000 pieces of plastic removed… wow! We asked a few people reaching this milestone a few questions about what motivates them to play every day – you can see their thoughts below.

We started Free the Ocean to give anyone, anywhere, a free way to make a difference on plastic pollution. The FTO community now has people playing from all 50 States and over 150 countries, and whether you’ve played 10 times or a 1,000 times, we hope you’re having fun and learning something along the way… and please know that you’re all making a difference!

Three of the people who are reaching 1,000 this week:

1. Stephanie V.

I made it a point to make sure I didn’t  miss a day of contributing to the FTO cause. It’s a fun and educational trivia game that contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come. 

What I like most about playing Free the Ocean is learning new information about our beautiful oceans and marine life. FTO has brought to light many important issues and information concerning our oceans and marine animals that I never knew before. That’s what motivates me to play daily. 

I think FTO is doing an exceptional job of educating the world about the importance of protecting our oceans, and the life within, that is essential to the well-being and sustainability of our planet for future generations to enjoy. I am honored to be a part of the FTO community.

2. Eric von B.

When Free the Ocean launched nearly three years ago, I was quickly taken by its slick design. The questions are fun and over the months of answering/guessing trivia, I have definitely learned a lot about the precarious position Earth’s oceans are in as a result of human ignorance and neglect. 

Through FTO’s “Good News Fridays”, it is inspiring to know that we can take steps to effectively counteract some of the damage we’ve caused! I had no idea that I’d be continuing to visit for 1000 days, but here we are!

Sincere thanks for doing some great things for the planet – while entertaining quite a few of us who live on it!

3. Ken L.

When I started, I never thought that I would play every day without fail, I suppose it became a daily habit for me. What motivates me is that it is for such a good cause. It opens our eyes to plastic pollution and I like that an effort is being made to make our oceans cleaner.

I have learned many things from answering the daily questions that I would otherwise not have been aware of. Keep up the good work. 

See the full leaderboard HERE.

We’re immensely grateful to the entire FTO community – thank you ALL!