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3 Ocean Fish Named After Cats

Red-Tailed Catfish

The name catfish refers to the long barbels, or feelers, under their mouth that resemble cat whiskers. There are nearly 2,900 species of catfish with most living in fresh water. but a few are marine fish – like the red-tail catfish. Males of this species carry the marble-sized eggs in their mouths.

Leopard Whipray

All adult rays have a leopard-like dorsal pattern of dark brown rings on a yellowish brown background – making it easy to see where they got their name, Leopard Whipray. Found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans from the Andaman Sea to the Coral Triangle, they have a pointed snout and extremely long, whip-like tails.

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From their bold stripes to their sharp spines, the lionfish is one of the flashiest fish in the sea! They get their name from their long, colorful fin rays that resemble a lion’s mane. Like in many scorpionfishes, this species has venom-filled spines in several of its fins.

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