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Here's to Hope

5 Positive Things for the Environment in 2020

2020 has been a year like no other – challenging in a number of different ways for everyone. We hope all of you in the Free the Ocean Community have been staying healthy and safe, as well as your loved ones. 

We’d like to end the year by sharing five of our favorite positive, inspiring, and innovative things that benefited the environment this year. After all, we believe in the power of small actions having a big impact, and we know you do too!


Western Australia and Canada ban single-use plastics!

Both countries are on the track to banning many types of single-use plastics in the next couple of years. Plus, 170 nations have pledged to “significantly reduce” use of plastics by 2030.

IKEA opens their first second-hand store!

IKEA launched a buy back program for used furniture, opening their first second-hand store in Sweden. This is a step forward in their journey to become a circular business by 2030, to inspire people to live a more sustainable life.

Amazon tribes are using drones to track deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest!

A number of indigenous communities are using drones to find and document illegal logging in their territory in the Brazilian Amazon. The drones create high-resolution images, video and GPS mapping data which can be used as evidence when reporting illegal activities to the authorities, in an effort to protect their environment.

Tasmania hits 100% renewable energy mark!

Two years earlier than planned, the Australian state of Tasmania has hit 100% self-sufficiency in renewable energy. They are one of only a few places worldwide entirely powered by renewable energy, thanks to its wind and hydroelectric projects.

Oceana wins lawsuit to protect overfished dusky sharks!

The ruling, in response to an Oceana lawsuit filed by Earthjustice, requires the federal government to do more to end the rampant overfishing that endangers dusky sharks.
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We hope these 5 things brought a smile to your face and leave you feeling more hopeful than before. There is still a lot of work to be done and we have a long way to go to help our planet, but we think it’s important to recognize some of the progress made this year. 

We look forward to continuing to grow the Free the Ocean community in 2021, announcing exciting new partnerships, curating more sustainable and plastic-free products, and most importantly, making a difference on plastic pollution. Thanks to YOU – for helping us make this possible. 

Cheers to 2021!