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Free the Ocean Blog

Stories and images celebrating the ocean

Discover seahorse fatherhood this Father's Day: redefining parental roles and celebrating fatherhood. Honor all fathers while supporting marine conservation.
Explore the inspiring world of adaptive surfing on International Surfing Day. Meet remarkable athletes breaking barriers and riding waves.
Delve into polar bears' diverse poetic names across cultures and traditions.
Explore the ocean sunfish: colossal, jellyfish-eating marvels crucial for marine health. Learn about their habitat, diet, and conservation status.
Angelfish are graceful and beautiful, but there is a lot more than meets the eye. Check out these fun facts
Explore the thrill of spring whale watching! Discover why it's the best season to see these majestic creatures, both in-person
Discover the art and science behind Claudio Contreras Koob's stunning flamingo photography and his passion for these iconic birds.
Celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23! Discover ways to protect turtles and appreciate their unique beauty and vital role
Celebrate the awe-inspiring dedication of ocean moms this Mother's Day, from nurturing whale mothers to the tireless sea turtles.
Meet six extraordinary marine species and uncover the captivating secrets of life beneath the waves!