FTO Video Trivia Guests

"Video Trivia gives us the opportunity to feature inspiring people who all have one thing in common – a love for our ocean, our planet, and a desire to help protect them. We appreciate our guests and our community for helping us make a difference on plastic pollution!”

- Mimi Ausland,
Co-Founder of Free the Ocean

The ocean connects us all – no matter if you live inland by a river or lake or on the coast by the sea – we are all bound together by this great, big, beautiful, mysterious, magical body of water. It gives us life. It brings us joy. It carries our dreams. It holds our history. It makes possible our future. That’s why I love the ocean.

The ocean is our everything. Without it, humanity does not exist. Our plant and animal relatives do not exist. Our families do not exist. Everything on this Earth is connected and we must embrace this web of life if we stand a chance at existing long-term as a species.

I often think if extra-terrestrials were to look at the Earth from space they would recognize it as an ocean planet. It is the largest ecosystem, the dominant ecosystem. We are, therefore, all ocean creatures – even if we don’t know it. Our existence is because of the ocean, so it’s important to make that connection – to show people that the ocean is not some foreign place that we visit on holiday, but that it is our life-support system. Building that understanding is at the core of what I do.

One thing I love about the ocean is man and woman-kinds ability to both fear deeply and respect it. We respect its unbelievable ability to create and harbor life and sometimes we fear its unique ability to shatter and destroy life. This relationship to the ocean is really important and a healthy relationship to have.

I love the ocean because it is a place where some of my best memories were made with family. It opens my mind and body to wonder, mystery, awe, and beauty, and I am compelled to save its bounty and biodiversity for now and generations to come.

The ocean is for me the representation of the most feminine spirit. It is the place where life came to be, it is still the place that keeps us alive; it can be as gentle and loving as a mother and as wild and angry as a betrayed lover, but no matter what it’s a place of beauty, discovery, and wonder.

The ocean is my safe haven. When I dip my head under the surface, the world as I know it goes silent and an entire new world emerges in front of my eyes. The ocean and the marine life I have been lucky enough to encounter have been my teachers in more ways than I can count and has made me more conscious, humble, grateful and aware. I feel most “me” surrounded by the sea.

The ocean is pure magic. Whether it be the power of a wave tumbling me through the shore break or the thrill of discovering a he‘e (octopus) peeking out of the reef – the energy, diversity, and beauty of the ocean are constant reminders of how incredible life on earth is.

For me the environment is the single most important issue facing us today. We must take care of the oceans as they have taken care of us. Free the Ocean is doing their part to help our planet and I fully support their wonderful efforts.