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Redefining Trash TV

Brought to you by Free the Ocean

By watching Trash TV, we hope we're all inspired to be less trashy 🤍

Episode 1: Earth Day 2021

1 view = 1 piece of plastic removed.

For every view, we will fund the removal of a piece of plastic from the ocean and coastlines, working with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

The numbers around plastic pollution are staggering:

8 MILLION tons enters the ocean every year – that’s a dump truck of plastic EVERY MINUTE.

We eat a credit cards worth of plastic every week.

Plastic weighing the equivalent of a BILLION elephants has been created since the 1950s.

Every day, not only on Earth Day, go to and join the Click to Clean movement.

1 click = 1 piece of plastic removed

When you answer the daily trivia question on Free the Ocean, we fund the removal of a piece of plastic from the ocean and coastlines – 16 million+ pieces removed so far.

Share with your communities and let’s turn the tide together!

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