FTO School Program

Free the Ocean is a great platform to engage kids and provide an easy and educational way to give back.

Want to get your classroom playing FTO and involved in making an impact?

The kids and students of today are the future of tomorrow. They’re the ones whose lives are going to be the most impacted by our changing planet. This can be overwhelming. That’s why we want your classroom to be part of our community! Below are some simple ways to make that happen…

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Ways to Get Your Classroom Involved


Daily Warm Up

FTO can be part of your classroom's daily warm-up. Answer the question every morning and start the day by having an impact.

Create a Bookmark

Show them how to bookmark the site to remember to play.

Spread The Word

Tell your students to share with their friends & family, to help spread the word and help remove even more plastic.

Want FTO's founder Mimi Ausland to come to speak at your school?

If you’re interested in having Mimi visit your classroom to share the site, create awareness, and engage students send us a message!

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