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What's the difference between seals and sea lions?

At a glance, sea lions and seals might seem like marine twins, but a closer look reveals their delightful differences. Sea lions, the vocal locals of the seaside, are known for their loud barking and sociable demeanor. They boast a shiny brown coat and move with an almost regal grace on land, thanks to their large flippers which allow them to “walk” in an impressive manner. Plus, they have visible ear flaps, adding to their unique charm.

In contrast, seals are the quieter cousins, with their smaller flippers resulting in a cute belly-wriggle motion on land, resembling a nature-made comedy routine. Lacking visible ear flaps and having a more streamlined head, seals appear sleeker, perfectly adapted to their aquatic escapades. So next time you spot these marine animals, look for the barking, flipper-walking sea lions or the belly-sliding, sleek-headed seals to appreciate their charming differences.


Sea Lion

Photo Credit: Charlie Seaman
Photo Credit: Amy Asher

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