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Uncovering the beauty of sea glass – ocean’s treasures

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Uncovering the Beauty of Sea Glass - Ocean's Treasures

The world of sea glass, the ocean’s very own jewels, is fascinating! These shimmering pieces were once ordinary glass bottles and jars, but the sea’s restorative touch transformed them into captivating gems. Sea glass is a charming reminder of the peak of consumer glass production, before plastics dominated the scene. Stumbling upon a piece of sea glass is like discovering a hidden gem, governed by the unpredictable interplay of time and tide.

As authentic sea glass becomes rarer, artificial substitutes are emerging. Some of these imitations are made through acid etching, which can leave a toxic residue. While they may appear attractive, they can be harmful if used in the wrong places, such as your fish’s aquarium!

Here are some tips to help you recognize real sea glass:

According to expert Richard LaMotte, genuine sea glass features tiny C-shaped markings and is commonly found in green, clear, or brown shades. Red and orange pieces are particularly scarce. If you come across a piece that looks too perfect, with an even, silky smooth, or oily surface, it’s likely an imitation.

The good news is that genuine sea glass is still waiting to be discovered. Your best chances are along shores where consumer glass was once produced, such as the Great Lakes and the northeastern United States. LaMotte advises searching during low tide, after a storm, and in the winter months when turbulent waters might reveal a gleaming find.

Embark on a captivating sea glass quest, and let the ocean’s treasures become the cherished mementos of your adventures. Happy hunting, and may you uncover the hidden gems the sea has to offer!

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