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Top 3 Superpowers of Bamboo Pet Bowls

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Top 3 Superpowers of Bamboo Pet Bowls

These bamboo pet bowls might look like any ordinary food and water dish for your cat or dog, but they have some secret powers we want to shout from the rooftops.

1) They are stronger & more durable than traditional pet bowls.

Pet bowls take a beating. Whether your dog gets the zoomies and crashes into it, or your cat simply chooses to knock it over for no reason at all, their food and water bowls need to be able to withstand the chaos. Our eco-friendly alternative to plastic is created from bamboo fibers blended with rice husks that are fused together to create a product that is 16% stronger than maple wood. And their strength doesn’t stop with your pet – these are dishwasher safe pet dishes!

2) They are made from the fastest growing plant on Earth.

Bamboo grows ridiculously fast. In fact, at a growth rate of almost 1.5 inches per hour, you can literally watch some species of bamboo grow right before your eyes. As if that wasn’t enough, cutting this already fast-growing plant stimulates even more growth. Bamboo is renewable, sustainable and, with a growth rate almost 30x faster than trees, a big step in preventing deforestation.

3) They are naturally safe and hygienic.

The last thing you want is to expose your favorite furry friend to anything that will harm them. Bamboo dog and cat bowls eliminate the risk of exposing your pets to microplastics while offering some natural benefits as well. Since bamboo is a naturally antimicrobial material, these food and water dishes are resistant to mildew and mold. Safety and hygiene are just part of the package deal with bamboo pet bowls.

Dogs and cats might not be able to ask for plastic-free alternatives and sustainably sourced materials, but they are certainly worthy of them. Show your love for your pet and our planet with bamboo pet bowls.