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FTO Plastic-Free Products For You, Your Loved Ones, And The Planet

There are a lot of products out there to support your eco-friendly lifestyle. While it is amazing that there are so many options, it can make it overwhelming to determine which is actually helping the environment and what’s greenwashing. That’s why we have curated collections that take the guesswork out of sustainability – for you, for your loved ones, and for our planet.

Support Your Sustainability Journey

Our custom products collection was designed for both simplicity and sustainability. Whether you have been plastic-free for years or are just starting out on your journey, this product line is meant to support you. Find eco-friendly versions of products that you use every day to help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

Help Others Find Their Path

If there is one thing we can learn from our planet, it is the interconnectedness of it all. Don’t underestimate your ability to be part of a ripple effect! In the same way that it wasn’t just one person or one act that polluted our planet, our small positive actions can create a big, lasting impact. You can be a part of the solution by inspiring those around you.

Consider a custom Free the Ocean gift set for a friend who is curious about finding their own path. It includes sustainable swaps for the kitchen and the bathroom, such as mesh product bags, a toothbrush, a toothbrush case, a soap dish, a utensil kit, a nail brush, and a wooden dish brush. Each product is plastic-free and sustainably made.

Shop for the Planet

Our entire mission is to provide products that make the planet better. But it comes as a bonus to you as well! In addition to the feel good energy you get from knowing you made an eco-conscious purchase, our products last longer and can be either composted or recycled at the end of their life. 

But we don’t make you wait until then to make a difference. With each product purchased, Free the Ocean removes 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean. From the moment you click “Checkout” to the day when you finally have to recycle your product, you are helping to clean up our oceans and make our world a better place.