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Project “mum” Breathing New Life into Ocean Plastics

Abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear, commonly referred to as ghost gear, contributes significantly to the problem of plastic pollution in our ocean. However, thanks to the collaboration between London-based PAN- PROJECTS and Japanese start-up REMARE, some of these materials are getting a second chance at life, transforming into stylish furniture and eco-friendly fishing equipment!

Photo Credit: PAN- PROJECTS

Helping the Ocean, One Table at a Time

In the beautiful Mie Prefecture of Japan, PAN- PROJECTS and REMARE are working closely with local fishermen to upcycle abandoned fishing tools like nets, buoys, and ropes. These materials are repurposed into stunning dining tables, perfect for traditional Japanese hotels, or Ryokans.

These design teams are not only creating beautiful furniture, but they’re also giving a new purpose to materials that would otherwise stay discarded in the ocean, where they’re deadly to marine life and causes a host of negative impacts.

Photo Credit: PAN- PROJECTS

Ocean Plastic as a Precious Resource

Recognizing the potential of repurposing ocean plastics and discarded fishing gear, PAN- PROJECTS and REMARE aim to change our view on these materials. By transforming by-products of the fishing industry into usable objects, they highlight the potential for creatively reusing these otherwise harmful materials. 

The tables they create have a unique, dark color due to the short lifespan of the original fishing equipment. With a focus on repurposing, the design teams not only give them a second life but also lay the groundwork for a more sustainable future.

Inspired by Tranquil Waves

As you look at these stunning tables, you can’t help but notice the calming ocean waves reflected in their design. The material’s wavy texture is the result of dirt, sea salt, and other natural elements, giving each table its own unique character.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, the term ‘mum’ in Project ‘mum’ represents the traditional interpretation of ‘Mother Nature’ in Japan. By creating furniture that pays tribute to the ocean, the design teams honor the homeland of their project.

Photo Credit: PAN- PROJECTS

A Gift from the Sea: Raising Awareness and Shifting Perspectives

Project ‘mum’ not only breathes new life into discarded materials but also seeks to raise awareness about the fishing industry’s negative impact on the environment. By transforming destructive ocean plastics and fishing gear, the project aims to change people’s perceptions of the way we look at waste and to promote a more sustainable future.

Keep an eye out for more innovative furniture and eco-friendly products from this incredible collaboration!

Photo Credit: PAN- PROJECTS

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