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Plastic Cutlery and Dishes will be Banned in England

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Plastic Cutlery and Dishes will be Banned in England

England is ready to do their part to reduce plastic pollution. With 96% of people in favor of the decision, the UK government has announced a ban on single-use plastic cutlery and dishes.

Why Ban Single-Use Plastic?

According to a 2021 study, plastic waste from takeout food and drinks makes up more of the ocean’s plastic than any other category. The average person in England uses 55 pieces of disposable plastic plates and utensils each year. That number might not sound like much, but it is when you consider that adds up to over 5 billion pieces being used across the country. And a very small percentage is actually successfully recycled. 

A Smooth Transition

With so many eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic, policy makers and those affected are not overly concerned about the transition. Cardboard boxes are widespread, wooden utensils can be swapped out for plastic ones, and bringing your own cutlery is becoming far more common. And don’t forget the ease of finger food!

More Great News in the UK

It didn’t start with this ban, and hopefully it won’t end with it either. In October 2020, England banned plastic straws, stir-sticks and cotton swabs with plastic stems. Scotland put its ban into effect in August 2022, and Wales passed similar laws in December.

Banning single-use plastic cutlery and dishes is a positive and necessary step towards reducing plastic pollution in the ocean. It is encouraging to see the UK government taking steps to address this issue, and we hope that other countries will follow suit!

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