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Our 5 Favorite Eerie Ocean Animals

These are not trick-or-treaters you want showing up at your door

Halloween is the time of year to celebrate all of the interesting, weird, and creepy beings from around the world. The ocean is particularly abundant in unique-looking organisms. Ranging from the deep sea to shallow waters, the ocean is full of weird and wonderful creatures. Here are 5 of our favorite eerie ocean animals to help get you in the Halloween spirit…


Frogfish may look slightly scary but are accomplished walkers. They’re well known for their use of pelvic and pectoral fins to launch themselves across the ocean floor.

Divided Flatform

This invertebrate makes our list due to its coloring. Divided flatworms can grow over 2 inches in length! They may be small but the award for greatest Halloween spirit goes to this divided flatworm.

Photo Credit: Phillip Gilette
Photo Credit: Susanne Skynm

Sarcastic Fringehead Blenny

The bulbous, outward-facing eyes of the sarcastic fringehead blenny make it look like something out of a scary movie. These fascinating-looking fish are known to participate in some very interesting behavior when defending neighboring territories – I wouldn’t trick-or-treat near their house.

Giant Japanese Spider Crab

It’s essentially a giant spider that lives in the ocean, who wouldn’t be afraid?! But all jokes aside, the giant Japanese spider crab is awesome. With a leg span able to reach 15 feet, these crabs are some of the world’s largest crustaceans.

Photo Credit: Gena Melendrez, Shutterstock

Fang Blenny

It’s a vampire! No, it’s a werewolf! No, it’s a… sneaky little fish! Fang blennies are finger-length coral reef fish, packing a big surprise – two huge canine teeth jut from their lower jaws.

Have a great Halloween, Everyone!