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Images of Atolls

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Images of Atolls

Ring-shaped islands that enclose lagoons

Atolls stand as one of the ocean’s most intriguing wonders, enchanting us with their distinctive ring-like shape. Formed over millennia from the skeletal remains of tiny coral polyps, these natural structures encircle tranquil lagoons, offering a stark contrast between the deep blue ocean and the serene turquoise waters within. Scattered across tropical seas, atolls provide a sanctuary for marine life and a fascinating glimpse into the intricate dance between the ocean and its living organisms.

Atolls begin their journey as coral reefs growing around volcanic islands. Over time, as the volcanoes erode and sink back into the sea, the coral reefs persist, growing upwards towards the sunlight. Eventually, the central island disappears entirely, leaving behind a circular reef. This reef structure encloses a lagoon, protected from the open sea, creating a unique ecosystem rich in biodiversity. The clear, shallow waters support a vibrant array of marine life, from corals and fish to birds that nest on the small islands known as motus, which form along the reef.

Beyond their captivating beauty, atolls play a crucial role in protecting coastlines from storms and rising sea levels. They serve as nurseries for marine species, supporting local fisheries and providing a lifeline for many coastal communities. Yet, atolls face significant threats from climate change and human activity, which endanger their delicate ecosystems. Understanding and appreciating atolls is not only an exercise in awe but a call to action to ensure these natural treasures endure for future generations.

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