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Good News Friday:

A Coffee Shop is the Future of Eco-Friendly Spaces

Attention all coffee lovers and eco-warriors, have we got the café for you! Early BKK café in Bangkok, Thailand is not your ordinary caffeine pit stop. It’s a two-story coffee paradise made entirely of recycled and repurposed materials, designed to promote zero waste and sustainability to the community.

Photo Credit: Thanapol Jongsiripipat

The café is covered in a beautiful and permeable metal skin, adorned with over 600 recycled bottles that create a stunning pattern of colored light throughout the day. Plus, the entrance boasts a double-height courtyard with a tree and plenty of shade, perfect for you and your furry friend.

Inside, the café has everything you need, from a main coffee bar to bulk refills and even vintage clothing for sale. But the real showstopper is the use of reclaimed beer bottles smashed down and added to the terrazzo countertop for the café bar and bathroom floor. The designers even went as far as molding textured concrete walls using the imprint of bottles, creating a unique pattern they call “bottle fossil.”

Photo Credit: Thanapol Jongsiripipat
Photo Credit: Thanapol Jongsiripipat

And that’s not all! Upstairs, you’ll find an enclosed seating area made entirely of reclaimed milk cartons. The firm worked with a local factory to produce “re-board,” a composite material that is entirely made out of used milk cartons in various warm orange tones.

But Early BKK isn’t just about the materials. They also prioritize sustainable practices, such as not offering plastic straws or cups and carefully separating waste. And if you bring your own mug, you’ll even get a discount on your coffee!

Photo Credit: Thanapol Jongsiripipat

Next time you’re in Bangkok and in need of a coffee fix, skip the generic chain and head to Early BKK. Not only will you get your caffeine fix, but you’ll also leave with a newfound appreciation for upcycling waste materials and a desire to promote a no-waste and recycle concept. Who knew a coffee shop could be so inspiring?

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