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Beaches in Greece Now Wheelchair Accessible!

Accessibility meets adventure as Greece paves the way for every traveler. The Greek tourism authorities have dubbed access to the beautiful azure sea an inalienable human right. The result? A massive country-wide initiative to make a whopping 287 of their stunning beaches wheelchair accessible. And the best part? These ramps are self-operating!

Photo Credit: Tobea

A Step (or Wheel!) Into Independence

Greece has successfully equipped 147 beaches with the fantastic Seatrac system. Now, those using wheelchairs can enjoy the therapeutic experience of swimming in Greece’s beautiful blue waters. These ramps are designed for wheelchair users to operate without any need for assistance, offering the kind of autonomy that’s often hard to find in challenging terrains like beach sands.

Accessibility Beyond the Shores

Greece isn’t stopping at just the beaches. The scope of this heartening project extends far beyond, touching even the majestic Acropolis of Athens, which now boasts a wheelchair elevator. Other locations have undergone renovation to warmly welcome those with mobility issues, with upgrades to bathrooms, sidewalks, walkways, snack bars, and other amenities.

Planning Made Easy!

Greece’s commitment to accessibility doesn’t stop at providing the facilities, they’ve even thought about how to help you plan your trip. The government has created a website with all the information needed to plan a wheelchair-inclusive trip to the beaches of Greece. So you can easily find the nearest beach equipped with a Seatrac, thanks to an interactive map.

Get ready, your Greek adventure awaits! Dive into the blue waters, bask in the glorious sun, and explore the historical sites, all without the worry of accessibility. Because in Greece, everyone’s invited!

Photo Credit: Tobea

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