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A woman met her kidney donor at the beach

Imagine this: you’re on a beach relaxing and your dog introduces you to a stranger who ends up saving your life! Sounds like the plot of a heartwarming movie, right? Well, that’s the reality for Lucy Humphrey, a Welshwoman with lupus, and her newfound friend, Katie James.

Photo Credit: Cenydd Owen

Not just another day at the beach!

After a diagnosis that had her needing a kidney transplant in five years or risk dying, Lucy, her partner Cenydd Owen, and their Dobermans decided to transform a canceled campervan holiday into a delightful day by the sea. During this impromptu outing, their curious Doberman, Indie, kept disrupting a nearby camper’s peaceful crochet session.

When Cenydd went to apologize for Indie’s antics, it turned into a life-changing event. The interrupted camper, Katie, not only forgave Indie but even joined the couple for their barbeque.

A Life-Saving Conversation

As they chatted, Lucy opened up about her need for a kidney. To her surprise, Katie, who had recently registered as a kidney donor, offered to exchange contact details. Though Lucy didn’t think anything would come from it, she shared her contact details with Katie.

The 'One-in-22-Million' Miracle

In a miraculous turn of events, the two beach campers were a perfect match! The kidney transplant took place in October 2022. Lucy needed to stay in the hospital for about a month because the donated kidney took a little longer to “wake up” than expected.

But when she finally did go home, she was healthier and happier, capable of embarking on that campervan holiday, and living her life to the fullest. “I’m so grateful for her,” Lucy said. “I want this to be a message to other people not to give up hope.”

The Kidney Gang

Katie had been told when she registered as a donor that she might never know the impact of her contribution. But now, she not only knows that her kidney saved a life but also gained her a lifelong friend.

Proof of their incredible journey and enduring friendship can be found in their group chat named “The Kidney Gang”, a testament to their shared experience and the miracle they found on a beach that fateful day.

In the end, this heartwarming story proves that sometimes, the sea doesn’t just offer us shells and sand, but miracles and lifelong friendships!

Photo Credit: Cenydd Owen

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