International Plastic Free Day

On May 25th, go plastic free!

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Don’t buy it, refuse it, don’t use it.

Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues. International Plastic Free Day is a day to call attention to the plastic we use day-to-day, especially single-use plastic. On May 25th, avoid single-use plastic for one day!

If every person in the World stopped using one single-use piece of plastic for one day, we’d avoid over 7.6 BILLION items of plastic on that single day.

Take the Plastic Free Challenge

Go plastic free for one day! I accept the challenge to avoid single-use plastic on May 25th  – I won’t buy it, I’ll refuse it, I won’t use it.

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We hope this day opens our eyes to how much plastic we actually use day-to-day. If we understand this, we can consume more consciously moving forward.

Our actions have a ripple effect.

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