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Free the Ocean Blog

Stories and images celebrating the ocean

Find out what it is, why it matters, and some easy swaps you can make during the month of July
Let us tell you about the benefits of using our eco-friendly lip therapy balm so you can make the best
In November 1915 the Endurance sank beneath the surface of the Weddell Sea. Nearly 107 years later, the wreck was
Drying laundry outside is the most energy-efficient way, but it isn't always an option. Make laundry day more eco-friendly with
The world is waking up to the fact that plastic in oceans is a huge problem. One group found a
This beautiful little fish calls the waters around the Maldives home. But what’s so special about this colorful fish? Read
World Oceans Day is here! On June 8th, we’re all called to increase our awareness of our oceans, appreciate their
Since humans first began to create art, the natural world has been a source of inspiration. Today Zoe Keller captures
The yellow boxfish is a stunning and quirky looking sea creature. While they may look a little silly, they are
With more of us searching for sustainable hygiene, home, and food prep products, the bathroom cabinet is a key place