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Latest Interview: Ziggy Alberts, Singer and Songwriter

Founder of FTO, Mimi Ausland, interviews inspiring & interesting people who are all concerned about the health of our oceans and planet.

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Good for you, the oceans, and the planet

With each FTO purchase you fund the removal of 10 to 20 pieces of plastic from the ocean and coastlines
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Bee’s Wrap Assorted Set of 3 Sizes

Reusable Coffee Filters

Cotton Produce Storage Bag

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Click to protect wildlife habitat!

Click to protect wildlife habitat!

You and the FTO community have helped remove over 7 MILLION pieces of plastic – that’s a big number!

What does this mean... what is a 'piece of plastic'?

A piece of plastic can mean many different things.
Here are some of the more common types of plastic you’ve helped remove from the ocean and coastlines:



Water bottle

Plastic bag

Plastic jug

Fishing net

Plastic jug

Fishing net

Advertisements on FTO and products purchased fund the removal of plastic from the ocean

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