10 Simple Things YOU Can Do to Keep Plastic Out of the Ocean

There’s WAY too much plastic in our daily lives and a lot of it ends up in the ocean. The good news is that with this awareness, we can begin to change our behavior. We have more alternatives than ever to eliminate single-use plastics from our lives and make a real and meaningful impact on plastic pollution.

By playing Free the Ocean Trivia, you’re already helping to REMOVE plastic from the ocean – thank you!

Want to help KEEP IT OUT? Here’s a list of some simple changes to your daily habits that will immediately reduce your plastic footprint. These small actions create big impact:


1 million plastic bags are used PER MINUTE.

Let’s reduce these #’s. Bring your own reusable shopping and produce bags to markets (in many grocery stores this will also save you from having to purchase a bag).


Stay away from those plastic water bottles.

Seriously. Invest in a reusable bottle, like the Free the Ocean stainless steel bottle, which will not only benefit the ocean but is cheaper in the long run (and keeps your bevie hot and cold). Once you’ve purchased your reusable bottle, check out the handy dandy app called Tap that can show you where you’ll find the closest water oasis to fill it up. www.findtap.com


It’s estimated that 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches… 8.3 BILLION!

Many times it’s enough to just say ‘no’ to straws, but if you can’t give them up, use one not made from plastic. There are some very cool ones made of stainless steel, glass, or bamboo. Check out one of my favorites here – https://strwco.com/


Bar soap > soap in a plastic bottle.

A lot of these tend to smell better anyways.


The fashion industry accounts for more than a third of ocean microplastics.

When you can, choose earth friendly clothing. Many companies, such as Athleta and Everlane are committed to using earth-friendly materials instead of microfibers and other synthetic fibers whenever possible & are still very fashionable.


Don’t resort to supply room plastics when eating your leftovers.

Keep a reusable spoon, fork, or spork (if that’s your thing) in your car or at your office (or both).


Plastic wrap does not get recycled.

Try a beeswrap as a reusable alternative.


Travel kit.

I traveled from Madrid, Spain to Bend, OR. From hotel to home, I was offered 37 individual pieces of plastic. Water bottles in my uber, utensils at the terminal cafe, plastic everything from airline food service, etc. Pack a meal (honestly, probably better than airline food anyway) and take your reusable water bottle.


Be a good recycler.

Only 9% of recyclable plastics actually get recycled. So look up what your local waste center accepts and keep that in mind when buying products and throwing things away.


There’s a lot of power in the voice of many.

Add yours to help influence the government and businesses do the right thing in keeping plastic out of the ocean. Such as signing our petition here & remember, if it’s plastic or nothing, you can always choose nothing. Also, spread the word! Tell your friends and family about Free the Ocean and how they can be a part of the solution. After all, a lot of small actions create big impact.



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