Welcome to the FTO Journal

At a beach cleanup in Oahu, Hawaii.

Hi everyone,

I’m Mimi, the founder of Free the Ocean. This journal is going to be a place where I’ll be talking about my journey to living a less wasteful lifestyle, as well as new plastic alternatives, updates in the ocean activism space, and interviews with other entrepreneurs and ocean advocates who are dedicated to ‘turning the tide’ on plastic pollution. 

Free the Ocean has been live for just over 4 months now. While we’re still pretty new, we’ve had an amazing response and are beginning to have a meaningful impact thanks to people like you. We’ve already funded the removal of over 2.1 MILLION pieces of plastic from the ocean and coastlines, proving that a lot of small actions add up to a big impact. But this is just the beginning! I can’t wait to be writing an update a year from now.

I think the most unique thing about FTO is the ability for anyone to have an impact from anywhere. If you have a phone or laptop, you can help be a part of the solution just by taking 30 seconds to answer the daily trivia. Seeing people play from South Africa to Sweden to Texas to New York City… makes me hopeful that we can all unite to create positive change. I’m so excited to grow the FTO community and we’re actively working on ways for you to share our mission with your community as well. 

I’ve been asked in the past, why trivia? Why not just have a button to click that triggers impact? Well, to me, the trivia is one of the best parts! It’s our content and what keeps people coming back every day, because each day presents a different piece of information or fun fact. The trivia is also a great opportunity to create awareness and educate people with the hope of changing behavior. Plus, by tracking Your Stats, you can see how many pieces of plastic you’ve personally helped remove, and also the percent of questions you’ve answered correctly and your position in the leaderboard.

At Free the Ocean we want to make our site a bright spot in your day – to take what is an extremely serious issue and give you a fun way to make a difference. The state of our oceans and environment can feel overwhelming. It’s important to be aware of the seriousness of what we’re facing, but it doesn’t do the planet any good to be downhearted and uninspired. Let’s all try and focus on what we can do that’s good for ourselves and for the Earth. We hope FTO falls into this category.

More to come and thanks so much for reading and helping free the ocean of plastic pollution.