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Champion Surf Dogs

These dogs are legit surfers… and love doing it!

Competitive dog surfing began in California in 2006 and has grown to competitions held around the world… in California, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, France, Australia, and more.

Not only have these surf riding dogs won top competitions, but most of them (with their human companions) have been “pawing it forward” as therapy dogs and fundraising for charities – champions on the surfboard and on land!

Abbie catching a big ride.

PC: @abbiesurfs

Gidget bursting through the break.

PC: @surf_gidget_the_pug

Cherie getting down low.

PC: @cheriethesurfdog

Skylar is in the barrel!

PC: @skylerthesurfingdog

Skylar and Rothstein riding the same wave.

PC: @skylerthesurfingdog

Surf Dog Ricochet, the legend.

PC: @surfdogricochet

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